WHSV: Town Hall discussion to focus on underage drinking


WHSV-TV3 highlighted the Greater Augusta Prevention Partners town hall meeting on underage drinking in their noon newscast today.

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WKDW: Morning show interview on town hall meeting

Greater Augusta Prevention Partners Coalition Coordinator Keri Jones joined WKDW Morning Show Host Kris Neil Losh to talk about tonight’s town hall meeting and the Let’s be the Influence campaign.

Staunton City Council issues proclamation for Underage Drinking Prevention Month


The Greater Augusta Prevention Partners received a proclamation from the Staunton City Council on August 13 in recognition of Underage Drinking Prevention Month. The Let’s be the Influence campaign was launched by GAPP on August 1.


Three winners announced for first Facebook promotion

The Greater Augusta Prevention Partners completed the first giveaway of the month through a contest on the Central Shenandoah Valley Office on Youth Facebook page.

As part of our Let’s be the Influence campaign for August, we asked our Facebook followers: “How are you the influence for your children? Share with us how you talk to your kids about underage drinking.”

Mary: “With my kids, I don’t sugarcoat anything when we talk. It’s no TV. No Interruptions. It’s quiet at the kitchen table sitting with a list of questions, and if available, I already have information on standby …. whether books, videos or whatever we have.”

Anne: “I like to talk with them in the car with the radio off. No distractions, no cells or devices while we are talking. This is also when we have The Sex Talk. They can’t go anywhere. And sometimes with an “intense” conversation, it helps that we don’t have to be face to face. So we are less embarrassed and they can feel more confident in asking questions.”

Jenn: “I’m looking forward to the event so I can learn more on how to talk to my four boys about this. To be honest, other than saying “don’t drink,” I don’t know how to approach the subject with them which scares me because they are all at the age where peer pressure could lead them to trying it.”

All three received a free GAPP messenger bag!

For more information on the campaign or the Town Hall meeting on August 20, visit www.ValleyPrevention.com

View our next contest online now at https://www.facebook.com/OfficeonYouth